Russian Missiles Rain Down on Aleppo: A Kremlin Expert’s Chilling Warning

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Bashar al-Assad has said President-elect Trump would be a friend to his regime, Russia and the Iranians if he ‘lived up to his promises’ and tore up existing Western policy.

The U.S. President-Elect has said it is ‘madness’ to oppose both Syrian forces and Isis terrorists, and that fighting Syria could lead to fighting Russia. 

Trump said on Friday he would most likely seek an agreement with Vladimir Putin. He said: ‘I’ve had an opposite view to many people regarding Syria.’Graphic shows attacks launched by the Russian military this week on the Syrian cities of Aleppo, Idlib, and Homs

Current U.S. policy is to strike against Isis while supporting moderate rebels opposed to Assad.

See original imageMeanwhile, Putin withdrew from the International Criminal Court yesterday amid calls from Britain for his military to face prosecutors over air strikes against civilians in Syria. This means that Russia cannot now be tried for war crimes in the court in The Hague.

PM Theresa May and other European leaders are meeting soon with President Obama to discuss an extension to sanctions against Russia. However, President – Elect Trump has very different ideas.

It appears that the regrowth of the Soviet empire is under way — and America is not going to stop it.

That is the conclusion we must draw from Donald Trump’s first few days as President-elect, in which he received what he termed a ‘beautiful’ letter from Vladimir Putin, followed by a phone call in which the two pledged to restore friendly relations between Washington and Moscow.

Syria’s President Assad has said that Mr. Trump would be a ‘natural ally’ alongside Russia in the bloody Syrian civil war if he fulfils his pledge to fight terrorism.

Assad and Putin are at the forefront of the aerial bombardments that have rained down on Aleppo for many months.

The U.S. President-elect has said it was ‘madness’ to oppose both Syrian forces and Isis terrorists and that fighting Syria could lead to fighting Russia. Pictured is a jet taking off from Russia's Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier

The message is very clear — that the U.S. President-elect does not see it as a priority to stop Russian aggression outside its own borders.

Trump doesn’t seem to understand that the sanctions America has imposed on the Kremlin regime are a result of its aggression against Ukraine, and human rights abuses inside Russia. Or that the frontline states of Nato — Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland — rely on a U.S. security guarantee to bolster their own defenses. We’re worried that there is much that Trump doesn’t understand about international and defense and trade policy, and that his appointments and delegation of this oversight may not be the best choices, on a global scale.

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