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Online Petition Already Signed by 3 MILLION Calls for Electors to Ignore Their States’ Votes!

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It’s been less than 4 days since Republican Donald Trump became the president-elect due to the electoral college for the 2016 presidential election, and it’s been determined that Democrat Hillary Clinton won the popular vote.

See original imageIt’s the second time in five presidential elections that the person who won more votes by Americans did not become president-elect of the United States.

There is just one scenario that could overturn the current results of the 2016 electoral map and legally put Hillary Clinton in the White House!

 Within the 48 hours of Trump’s win, Google searches for the phrase “how to impeach a President” rose by a whopping 4,850 percent!

Additionally there growing protests sweeping the nation from coast to coast in all major American cities, protesting the Trump presidency with the hashtag #NotMyPresident. A nation-wide protest against a president-elect has never happened in the history of America!

Apparently The United States of America are not united. Many Americans are looking for a way to have that popular vote heard and to avoid a Trump presidency for the next four years. Are you going to let this happen?

The way the electoral college is set up, between now and December 19th there is a time during which the electoral college decides who will become the next president of the United States. It’s during this time frame and these legal and Constitutionally-protected proceedings under which Hillary Clinton could still become the next president of the United States!

The variable that could change everything is called the “faithless elector.” For those who have lost hope in the electoral college and the popular vote, there is a safety net within the electoral college system that could overturn everything that’s happened this week. It’s still possible that Hillary Clinton could end up in the White House!

The  United States Constitution says that the “real people who will vote for President” are the electoral college and they have a chance to engage the “faithless elector” vote on December 19th and change everything.

On December 19th, all of the electors of the electoral college meet to vote again and this is when things could dramatically and catastrophically overturn the election results!

More than 3 Americans are already calling on the electoral college to be a faithless elector for Hillary Clinton, and a petition is well under way asking the White House to get involved. And we all know who lives in the White House right now, right?

On December 19th the electoral college will take into account the popular vote. In all 50 states, except Nebraska and Maine, the party that wins the popular vote in that state sends their electors to the state capital.

Most of the electors will vote with the popular vote in their state or, at least, that is how it usually goes. However, an elector can “go rogue” and vote for whoever they want, and this is exactly what a “faithless elector” actually is. A ‘faithless elector’ or group of ‘faithless electors’ has never in history overturned the results of a November election, but considering that the epic vehemence of the nation-wide protests in the streets after an election has never happened either, this could be happening now, as we speak.

When Americans go to the polls on Election Day, we are not theoretically even voting for our president. We are voting for our elector to elect the president. This is why a candidate wins “electoral college votes” during election night, and not the popular vote of democracy.


But the electors don’t necessarily have to vote with their party. There are 29 states that legally require that they do, and the electoral college does have penalties for this. But the penalties of a faithless elector are just a $1,000 fine and has never been enforced.

Things could change radically for President Trump and our fellow supporters if the electoral college goes rogue. His problem could be in those states that were too close to call on election night and previously led Democratic in the 2016 electoral college map polls the day before the election.

Our Founding Fathers created this system because they were “afraid of direct democracy.” Alexander Hamilton reportedly thought that the electors would be able to correct mistakes of the voters and to ensure that “[t]he office of the president will never fall to the lot of any man who is not an eminent degree endowed with the requisite qualifications.”

anti-trump-protestersWith the high dissatisfaction with Donald Trump among the GOP (and Democrats, obviously) and coupled with the fact that Hillary took the majority in the popular vote, it’s not out of the question that with Soros backing such an action, that we could see more faithless electors on December 19th, than ever in US history!

Trump has never been a fan of the electoral college. When he thought Mitt Romney won the popular vote in 2012 but did not win the election, he called the electoral college “phony” and a “disaster” and called on America to protest the results.

President Trump has often spoke of his disdain for the electoral college and it could get a lot worse in December if the unimaginable happens and the electoral college overturns the final electoral count from election night!

There is a petition calling on the electors in the electoral college to change the course of the outcome of this very important Presidential Election. The petition is calling on the White House to take a position with the electoral college and is based on statements made by the Founders as to the very basis of reason why the electoral college was formed to begin with.

The petition reads, “Because the Founders were aware of the inherent vice of tyranny in direct Democracy, they devised the so-called Electoral College to wrest the republic back from “mischief of faction.”

The petition further reads that a “mischief of faction” as defined by James Madison as follows.

“A number of citizens whether amounting to a majority or minority of the whole, who are united and actuated by some common impulse of passion, or of interest, adverse to the rights of other citizens, or to the permanent and aggregate interests of the community.”

The petition continues, “It is thusly incumbent on the present electors to remedy this existential imperilment to the Republic, moreover the planet, by choosing to elect Hillary R. Clinton to the Office of the President of the United States.”

The petition is asking the White House to take a position on the matter with the electoral college. As of this publication, over over 3 million signatures have been received, less than a million short of their 4 million signature goal.  Anyone in the world with an email address can sign the petition!

Whether the electoral college will go rogue with a faithless elector, or a group of faithless electors, remains to be seen. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote in all of the United States combined, and she has this in her favor for the electors that are deciding whether or not to become a faithless elector. Meanwhile, the tensions surrounding the popular vote and the electoral college are mounting by the hour in public.

Are you going to allow this to happen? Are you going to let whiny Liberals and Dummycrats usurp President Trump at this stage? We want to hear your views! Share this important information now!

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