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NBA Players Vow To NOT Visit To Trump White House After Championship

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In light of consistently racially divisive overtones from Trump supporters, it’s no surprise that big named million dollar athletes decided not to stand up for our National Anthem and to perhaps wear “Black Lives Matter” tee-shirts or raise a black power fist in defiance at sporting events. We’ve all been witness to a slew of sports celebrities and Hollywood icons vocally and silently opposing Trump’s ideals – and more importantly, those of his supporters, as presidential candidate.

Most recently, at least 3 NBA teams have insisted on boycotting any Trump-owned hotels.

Since Trump’s candidacy became a reality, America has sunken into becoming a crude, uncivil society, where it’s suddenly become ‘ok’ to use hateful language, to disparage woman and minorities, and to cheerfully call for violence against Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

We don’t believe the Republican party should be represented by this type of behavior, yet, it seems that this is the reputation we now have — as racist, sexist bullies.

We shouldn’t be surprised when sports organizations like the NBA and some within that organization are using the power of their wallets to make their message clear — that racism and hate speech and actions are intolerable in a civilized society.

While some hard line profiteering racist click bait ‘news sites’ are calling this ‘Identity Politics’, we call it as timely.

LeBron James was recently asked if the NBA Champs the Cleveland Cavaliers would accept an invitation to visit the White House under a Trump Administration, if they once again won the championship.

James responded: “I don’t know. That’s something I would cross. We’ll have to cross that road, I guess. We’ll see. I would love to have to cross that road.”

James’ response was more about winning the championship than a pre-determining a hypothetical visit to the White House in the future.

However, his teammate Richard Jefferson left no doubt that he would not accept a future invitation to the Trump White House, by referencing his visit to the White House on Thursday in celebration of the teams win and posting a photo on SnapChat of the event saying: “Words cannot express the honor I feel being the last team to visit the White House tomorrow.”life insurance 


The “last team?” That’s a good stand to take to get rid of the hatred and vitriol that has tainted our entire nation for far too long.

While some, apparently racist, “news” sites are advocating for a boycott of the NBA, we voice and hope you’ll join in our support for them. They’re doing the right thing. It’s time to hit the haters in their wallets.

SHARE this on Facebook and support the NBA for endorsing civility over hatred, and for using their power of celebrity sports and their fans to do it. Actions often speak louder than words and we Republicans endorse civility over hate.

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