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US Military May Have Exposed Treason in this Report On War Cover-Ups.

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The US military is no fan of Barack Obama, who some consider the least qualified president in US history. When he started using the military as a propaganda wing of the Democrat Party things became very disturbing!

This report reveals how Obama may have possibly moved to hide intelligence and cover up  criminal behavior as he decried war and attacked the military while dropping bombs on innocent civilians that accomplished nothing in the war on terror. Putin’s bombs have been far more effective!See original image

The findings of this new military investigation are sending waves of concern through Washington.

Here are a few of the sordid details:

Dr. Sebastian Gorka, the Major General Matthew C. Horner Distinguished Chair in Military Theory at the Marine Corps University, has accused the Obama administration of treason for manipulating intelligence in order to keep the American public in the dark about the fight against ISIS.

 A new report shows that dozens of intelligence analysts had their reports altered by higher-ups at the Department of Defense’s Central Command (CENTCOM) in order to downplay the ISIS threat.

The manipulation of facts was done to distort the reality behind the rise of ISIS and make President Obama look better.

Gorka charges that these acts are “tantamount to treason” and had this taken place during the World War II era, people would “have been court-martialed and they could have been executed.”

Thank goodness for President Trump, and thank goodness Obama’s days in the White House are on a clock that’s fast winding down! January 20th can’t get here soon enough!

Is the Obama administration guilty of Treason? #trump

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