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As President Trump Announces His First Appointments, the Liberals Are Freaking Out!

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A wise man surrounds himself with other wise people because he is smart enough to realize that he doesn’t know everything. Thankfully, our new President knows that “global warming” is a hoax perpetrated by wild-eyed liberals. It’s simply a conspiracy pushed by these crazy liberals to grow the size of government and control our lives!See original image

Our President Trump understand this and rejects the pseudo-science behind global warming. As President Trump makes his first appointments of his administration to undo all this liberal damage, those liberals are furious! We need to restore our jobs in the coal and oil industries, for the real working men!


See original imageMyron Ebell, a scholar and Director of Global Warming and International Environmental Policy at the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), has been selected to lead Trump’s transition team on environmental issues. Ebell has been constantly at odds with the Obama administration’s unconstitutional and out of control environmental regulations and ridiculous green energy policies. Ebell is a leading and highly credible skeptic on the role of emissions in climate change.

Billions of YOUR taxpayer dollars have been wasted in the scamster climate change industry, but now that’s about to end!

“I think it is virtually certain that the Clean Power Plan will be revoked. The only question is how,” said Jeffrey Holmstead, former EPA administrator, now a private lawyer and partner at Bracewell LLP.

“Exactly how they do it will depend on what happens in the court case. And will they be able to do it in a way that will withstand legal scrutiny,” he said during the press conference today.

If – and when – the court throws out the plan, then the new administration will most likely not appeal it, he said, effectively ending it for good!

Can you imagine the mass exodus happening at Obama’s EPA right now? And this is only the beginning! What do you think? We hope you’ll like, share and comment as President Trump starts filling his cabinet with the people who can effect the real changes we voted for!

Who do you want to see in President Trump’s key cabinet positions?  Charity California

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